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A team is a group of people who share common values and work to express them. Humanity does not produce teams anywhere but on the end of an oar in a galley.

Team work is a form of exploitation and only ever serves the agenda of an alpha male/female whose only interest is their own well being. Any other interpretation of the operation of a team is naive perception lacking a depth critical analysis. For the weak individual a team is the sanctuary from social condemnation and isolation. In evolutionary terms the weak herd together whilst the strong view the herd as a resource. A team is a resource.

The only way to build a team of strong individuals is to understand and manipulate their own individual weaknesses. Most alpha positions rely on bullying and intimidation, very few rely on any substantive superiority. Once you allow for the fact that intellectual superiority is often expressed in acts of intimidation then any idea of a moral high ground quickly becomes a tar pit into which the arrogant will always fall.

Contributors on the other hand are people who are free to express their own opinion and seek a forum in which they can debate intelligently.