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This web site does not work as a commercial operation for many and varied reasons. The Search Engine Optimisation potentials are compromised by the structure, lack of menus, absence of titles and general conformity to what is expected by search engine bots. Consequently one would not expect that so called ‘Holy Grail’ of web design, top Google ranking of site and its content, to be within this work’s grasp.

The lack of any obvious or blatant call to action, the need for the visitor to work things out for themselves and a lack of any clear signposting gather together as obstructions to any substantial traffic visiting this site.

This page itself is merely a distraction and anyone who builds a web site knows that no human visitor ever reads this stuff. This is one grade below terms and conditions, T&C’s, which are read only by the paranoid who still labour under the delusion that if they found something they didn’t like they had some power to do something about that. Most people just tick the box rather than waste time reading a whole load of legal jargon designed specifically to make as much money as is possible from any particular service or product.

This is our digital world of today. The promise of freedoms and opportunities are waved on high above the palaces and castles of the super wealthy. In their screaming hordes the consumers charge towards the colours and smash through all the doors which bar them from that Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Sale. There is probably an App which will alert you to the nearest consumer orgy going on in a Mall near you. These things are not of our world at PebbleStudioLondon. We are looking for challenges and engagement, we are looking for life beyond the mythologies of corrupt values.

This site is a work of art and ingenuity more than it is anything else. Perhaps it may even be seen as a rebellion against a world of narcissism and the ego driven detachment for any depth of cultural meaning which is becoming the dominant social experience of our times. If you can’t have it spoon fed to you then you are just not going to bother to engage.

Our ability to ask questions, our strength of memory, our independence and ideas of freedom are eroding in the face of an assault by digital media. The bots which catalogue every detail of our lives and production rank us depending on how much money we can make or be worth to exploit. These automatons of the digital media dictatorships cannot understand human values, aspirations or kindness; they just know about accounting for your financial value either as a producer or a commodity.

You do not need to think about the future or anything else. The most communicated ideas on platforms such as Twitter attract 50 million followers of human husks called celebrities. Those ideas include ‘I love you’, I’m washing my hair’ and ‘I love Milton Keynes’. If you want to ask a question about philosophy, history, art, literature, if you want to engage with the world beyond this dreadful dry crust of culture which the corporate media world has covered us all in, then you will not get 50 million followers, you will be lucky to get 1000.

If 50 people come to and enjoy this site then that is job done rather than have 50 million idiots look and say, “Duh, this is shit.” and then move on looking for cute kittens or karma fails or extreme violence. This site is designed to not even appear in the Google rankings, we are not interested, we don’t care about that.

This site was created by Jack Adams in October 2017. Obviously most of the standard rules and commandments of web site construction appear to have been dispensed with. However, to understand this site you have to perceive it as functioning outside of the commercial box and rather as a work of mythology in its own right. Here we have a labyrinth, a series of passages, alleyways and strange portals. This site has been created for those who are explorers; in that purpose the audience becomes self selected.