There is an old Buddhist saying: When walking upon a beach and coming across a beautiful pebble, pick it up for in the next moment a wave could wash it away.

We live within a moment and as that moment travels so do we find opportunity presents itself. You can chose to take the opportunity of the moment or leave it but once time washes that moment away the opportunity it promised is gone forever.

We learn to first see opportunity.

As we walk the path of our lives in every moment there is opportunity and yet, mostly we walk past unaware of the chance presented to us. How often do you hear people say that either they have been unlucky or claim that others were lucky. Maybe there is such a thing as luck, the good fortune which comes suddenly, unannounced and unexpected, but it is a very rare commodity. Surely the main interpretation of events as being “lucky” comes from the mouths of those less likely to work and strive for success when viewing the lives of others who have been dedicated to their purpose and worked hard to make aspirations into reality.

Seeing the pebble is but the first step, you actually then have to bend down and pick it up. When you are presented with opportunity you have to make the choice between action and inaction. How often do you hear the words “If only I had…” closely followed by, “… then my life would have turned out differently.”. The world is filled with people who have ideas, possess talents and personal gifts; human beings are talented by nature, and yet only a small percentage ever realise their potential. Being able to perceive something, to create an idea, being creative means nothing if you do not act, if you do not work.

We must then learn to act on opportunity.