Nea-Anne De Tal

Nea-Anne De Tal likes to challenge current perceptions about human primacy. Academically she is very much old school, a pre-Darwinist possessed of very strong opinions. Some have commented that her work in the manufacture of pitch was ground breaking and way ahead of its time. Traditionalists, stuck with their limited intellectual stone tools, hammer away about her being an example of primitivism.

The outstanding arbitor of linguistics, Professor Fox Peetoo, disagrees entirely with this demonisation of the work and life of Ms De Tal. Peetoo speaks of a common humanity which exceeds the dull limitations of the sapiens’ anthrocentric models of reality. One day perhaps, we can all hope that homo sapiens will awake to the idea that their own sense of exceptionality is a hinderance to the future and a disadvantage to the species.

In the meantime Nea-Anne De Tal sits quietly in the background allowing her work, culture and history to rise up from the earth of her studio. Each year more people are discovering this outstanding opus which is re-writing the annals of human cultural history. The more we un-earth of this incredible artistic heritage, the more we are challenged to redefine who we actually are. Many will find such a challenge too daunting and remain firmly in the back of the cave which represents the status quo. However, for those with the insight and ability to meet the challenge of a new understanding of humanity, the pathway to the future immediately becomes redefined.

PebbleStudioLondon is pleased to acknowledge and promote the work of Nea-Anne De Tal and recognises a long association going back over too many years to count. She is in our blood and we are proud to know her. We will be publishing and promoting as much of her work as she will allow us to discover.