Jack Adams

Jack Adams is the Project Director for the works of Akane Takayama. He oversees everything from logistics to copywriting to delivery management. Jack is an historian and has a skill set in Comparative Mythology which is highly unusual. In his work as the Director of PebbleStudioLondon, Jack engages with academics and Universities across the world to provide support, lectures, talks and consultation on a range of subjects and issues. He has worked with field leaders in Housing Policy, Pro Bono Legal Support, National Asylum Policy, Social Poverty, Miscarriage of Justice and Human Rights issues in general. He was also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of the Arts in London.

Jack has been an invited speaker for the first United Nations Conference on Public Service Broadcasting in Mexico in 2010, the keynote speaker for the Conference on Mythology at Jendouba University, Tunisia, in 2014 and has run workshops on the Grail Quest, Mythology and History, Poetry as Performance and The Business of Men.