Felix Columbidae

Felix Columbidae is a critic, writer and agent provocateur in the world of declassified anthropology. Living in a strange countryside location somewhere in the United Kingdom, Felix is most at home when he is in his dovecote choosing a squab.

“In the dark of the dovecote I find a certain tranquility which inspires my thinking about the philosophies of life. Besides the nervous cooing of the doves, all I can hear is my own heartbeat.”

The moral antagonist, Norman Soldat, has gone on record to say that, in his opinion, Columbidae is almost cannabalistic in his approach to deconstructing the vanities of humanity. “This is a man who dissects ideas as though they were physical, living tissue. In every cut there is a precision which reveals even the smallest thought as a matter of great importance and undiscovered elegance.” [Soldat 2009]

Columbidae is currently working on his autobiography which he calls Ragoût de Pigeonneau: A Flight of Fancy. He is married but, strangely for this man, without issue.