Dr Melony Hornblower

Dr Melony Hornblower is a radical feminist writer and academic who is well known for her sometimes provocative stance on the role of men in society. In her first publication, Men, why bother?, she advocated the sterilisation of the male child at birth as the first step in moving towards a global peace. Whilst receiving critical acclaim for this work no mainstream publisher had any enthusiasm to present this opus to the public at large. As Richard Head, the scion of the Head publishing empire, commented at the time, “I find it very difficult to see a future for the human race in such ideas as these. Ms Hornblower’s views appear to me to be lacking in any real perspective.”

Some have taken the position that Dr Hornblower is merely conjuring up thought forms as a cheap party trick in the hall of debate. She will not be drawn on these opinions but maintains a dignified silence prefering to allow her critics to stand exposed, as she believes it, for the paucity of their perceptions.

She lives in an appartment in an inner city tower block in a deprived area of Croydon with her 7 cats, each of which is named after a goddess from the Babylonian pantheon. Unmarried, un-connected personally and fully sexually ambiguous, as she puts it herself, “I spend most of my time staring out of the window, peering through the fog and rain in an effort to see what is going on in the streets below.”