Nishi Natsuki.

Nishi Natsuki is an intern for PebbleStudiosLondon working on the DOGTokyo2017 installation.

Nishi Natsuki takes up an internship with PebbleStudioLondon for work on the DOGTokyo2017 installation by Akane Takayama. Nishi-san has experience as an Anglo-Japanese translator and has also worked with social media marketing. The studio is pleased to offer her opportunities to work with this exciting international contemporary art installation. We are particularly happy with her proposed involvement with the cross-cultural educational exchange between English and Tokyo primary schools which is an innovative feature of Takayama’s work.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, she has always had a keen interest in movies, books and TV dramas from foreign countries. After studying English literature in Meiji university, she entered a translation school. Nishi-san worked for a translation company for six years before deciding to come to London to expand her career.