Dr Michael J Naughton

Michael J. Naughton is an advocate of reform in the criminal justice system. He is recognised as a leading expert in the field of wrongful conviction.

Michael J. Naughton is a person who has long been a passionate advocate on reform in the criminal justice system. He is widely recognised as probably the leading expert in the field of wrongful conviction. As an academic he works at Bristol University where he teaches in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Sociology. Regularly he receives plaudits from his students attesting to the fact that he delivers compelling lectures and challenges their thinking.

When you hear Michael speak you cannot remain untouched by this driving passion for truth and justice. However, passion alone has never instigated change and Michael has backed his feelings with strong academic texts which are recognised as fine intellectual workings. This is why Michael has been called before committees in the House of Commons, been asked by a foreign government to advise on their justice system and been invited to speak at conferences all around the world.

We have an extensive prime source video archive of Michael’s work including victim testimonies. This rare archive is available to institutions and serious researchers, subject to Michael’s approval, for the purpose of working to change a system which patently fails far too often. Please use the contact form if you have an interest in this archive.

Books by Michael J. Naughton

Click on link above to go to Michael’s website and blog. The link leads to a list of his books. Below we have one of his great pieces of work on the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

CCRCThis book focuses on the world’s first publicly-funded body to review alleged miscarriages of justice, set up in the wake of notorious cases such as the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six.