Resources for the Enquiring Mind

As I have been researching various sources of information, in the spirit of debate I want to signpost them here so you can all look and make your own minds up. Obviously we all have to be careful, there is no such thing as an unbiased source! However, we can make a rationale judgement on the quality of what we read, for example, is an article in The Daily Mail of the same value qualitatively as an article on European Law by a Professor of European Law? In this debate we need quality of information and to be careful of propaganda. Our grandchildren and their children are counting on us not to make a knee jerk choice but to make a wise, informed choice.

Remember one thing, there is great merit in being able to change your mind as long as you are sure it is you that is changing your thinking for your own reasons. Don’t be fooled by loud voices, flashing lights and wondrous unicorns which magically appear to delight us.

ESRC Kings College London

Financial Times on Brexit

Europe Newsweek

World Economics

CIA World Factbook

Government View on Commonwealth

The Economist

MoneyWeek on Europe

The Commentator on Europe

HMRC on EU Trade

Office of National Statistics

Office of Budget Responsibility: Economic and Fiscal Outlook

These are just some of the places I have been getting my information from. I will post more links as I find them. Perhaps the media and the politicians think that we ordinary people cannot handle this level of information, I disagree. More importantly our grandchildren demand that we put the effort in. MP’s may go into a vote whipped by their party but we can show them that we go to vote inspired by the need to get it right for our future generations.

Whatever the outcome, make sure you vote for what you know is true, vote on the basis of what you have learnt not because a newspaper, media type or political flag waver has whipped you into place.


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