Acceptance only comes from testing and the ability to repeat performance. Questioning is the process of providing models which can be tested for acceptance. Art, Fine Art, is the deleberate, thoughtful and educated construction of arguments which can be questioned and accepted.

The English word theory was derived from a technical term in philosophy in Ancient Greek. As an everyday word, theoria, θεωρία, meant “a looking at, viewing, beholding”, but in more technical contexts it came to refer to contemplative or speculative understandings of natural things, such as those of natural philosophers, as opposed to more practical ways of knowing things, like that of skilled orators or artisans.

Quoted from Wikipedia

PebbleStudioLondon is an agency predicated on academic learning and sociological development. Whilst our work is essentially creative we prefer to view science and maths especially, as art of the highest calibre. We take views which are mostly not understood by a majority of people however this does not concern us as the actions of the majority of people are not a matter of inspiration for us. Our creative community is a school of art which seeks to question everything and accept nothing.

Our theories, the theories promolgated by our art school, represent our own mythological cosmology.