PebbleStudioLondon is a multi media arts studio serving artists and writers with management, production and marketing provisions. One of the big issues in our global societies today is the slow and painful death of critical theory. Our universities are ever more being presented with students who simply do not know how to look at material critically. If we cannot look critically then we are on the road to the death of imagination and insight. We do not believe that is the way forward.

Retrograding is the future.

We do not follow the trend, we do not adhere to orthodoxy and we do not recognise anything written in stone. Our views and opinions exist beyond the crest of the wave and we believe that this forward vision is a retro view from the future. In the 1990’s we were working on digital video and internet distribution of television. In the 2000’s we working on global distribution and social media. In the decade of the teens, when the term millenials and the use of “So” to start a sentence became mental viruses which infested the herd intelligence, we are looking towards other futures.

Our ideas are what will be happening the day after tomorrow.

We get things done.

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